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Dear Reader,

I thank God that you have found this life-saving website. As you might tell, its purpose is entirely to help the Lord Mashiach's people find their way to him and the way forward in these trying times.

The Lord has given us who have participated in creating and designing this website the privilege of serving you.

If we are no longer here to main this site or its content, please have my permission and encouragement to download, send, re-publish, or mirror as much as or all of its content as the Lord leads you.

As you can see, the "Presentations" and "Videos" are pretty basic. Feel free to take the presentations and re-work them to make them more effective for your purposes, assuming that you are not on the side of the enemy-- in which case, you have no authorization at all.

God bless you!

Derek and the JesusMashiach team

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